Enduro 6802 (15x24x7)

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Enduro road front hub and lefty bearing

€8,26 excl. BTW
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  • Grade 5 Chromium High precision steel balls are within 5/1,000,000″ round. R-64 hardness.
  • 52100 High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races
  • Vacuum de-gassing process for the purest chromium alloy steel, hardened to R-62, extremely tough and very durable.
  • Polished to a mirror finish for ABEC-5 precision and noiseless movement.
  • Nylon with graphite retainers are virtually frictionless while providing constant lubrication
  • ABEC-5 standard, extremely close tolerances for I.D. and O.D., roundness of ball, trueness of the races.
  • C-3 Clearance, This specification describes the internal clearance between the bearing and its race.
  • All across the board, our bearings have higher standards of tolerance to ensure superior performance.
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