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Full-body analysis 100 FPS or higher

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3D Motion capture

Sports 3DMA belongs to a family of products built upon ‘3DMA’, a powerful 3D motion capture engine used by biomechanists, sport scientists, PT and doctors all over the world through its various packages.

In particular, Sports 3DMA includes running, cycling and golf swing protocols, as well as a full body protocol. Analyze the entire body from head to toe with a single capture.

Interested in research? This package also offers data export functionalities (biomechanical parameters in CSV files, marker trajectories) and hardware integration (surface EMG for instance). Ask us about it!


Data sets are presented live and automatically: Param- eters, graphs and 3D views. Get immediate feedback for any dynamic adjustment of the bike.


Motion capture cameras track markers in 3D space which are used to reconstruct the actual body motion. Use pan, tilt and zoom tools to move around at will.


A well-calibrated system boasts millimetric precision and accuracy in marker tracking. Seamlessly detect 1-2 mm marker shifts anywhere in the ‘capture volume’!

>100 FPS

The data is acquired, processed and displayed to the user
at a frame rate of at least 100 Hz/FPS (Frames Per Second). This framerate works well for running, cycling and golf swing anlaysis. Faster cameras can be used for faster gestures.


After a few seconds, Sports 3DMA provides tracking data and automatic analysis of the entire body: yes, on every joint.

A wealth of data

The amount of information provided by a 3D motion capture system is huge, sometimes overwhelming. A great deal of effort has been put into offering simple tools to easily manage, visualize and ultimately use that information. Some of the software features are:


Subject records Export/import Autosave feature

3D visualization

Body simulation Trajectories Angles

Time graphs

Variables vs time Spatial curves Moving statistics


Print-ready Customizable Add your text


Real-time data Averages Adjustable range

Analysis protocols

Sports 3DMA includes a set of user-ready ‘analysis protocols’. What exactly are these? Protocols are a combination of software tools taylored to analyze a specific gesture or sport.

Each protocol involves a marker configura- tion, a list of graphs, relevant biomechan- ical parameters, certain events calculated automatically, a dashboard and a report template. All of these are carefully designed and work together to facilitate the user’s job. The goal: to move from data collection on to data processing and result display as fast as possible.

Full-body cycling anlysis Cycling lateral analysis Bike measurement Running on treadmill Gait on treadmill or floor Golf Swing analysis Generic full-body analysis Individual joint analysis


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