Ritchey Superlogic C260 84D 1-1/4"(€269,95 incl. VAT)

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Ritchey's first full-carbon stem was designed to meet the needs of high-wattage European Classics specialists. The Carbon C260 adds to the amazing strength-to-weight ratio of our C260 alloy and Carbon Matrix stems through the use of high modulus carbon

€223,10 excl. BTW
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  • C260 bar clamp creates a larger stem-to-bar interface, drastically reducing bolt stress
  • 4 x T-20 faceplate bolts and patented 260-degree bar clamp design reduces weight, increases stiffness and distributes stress more evenly
  • 3 x T-20 steer tube bolts and curved clamp slot reduces weight and steer tube stress
  • Fits most road and mountain bars
  • Material: Carbon with 2014 alloy faceplate
  • Lengths: 80 - 130mm (80mm only available in 1-1/8”)
  • Angle: 84/6 degree
  • Steerer Height: 42mm
  • Faceplate width: 42mm
  • Steerer: 1-1/8” or 1-1/4”
  • 125g (110mm)
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