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hubs, rim brake hub | Unlimited possibilities with minimum weight

€536,36 excl. BTW
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Weight 164g
Material carbon, titan, alu
Width of axis 130mm (RB), 135mm (MTB)
Diameter of axis 17mm
Number of holes 16, 18, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36
Bearing 4 groove-ball bearing
Colours all Tune anodically oxidized shades
Freewheel Bodys Shimano/SRAM (8-, 9-, 10-, 11-speed), Campagnolo, SRAM XD

Words by Tune:

How do you make light stuff become even lighter? We drilled our free-wheeling mechanism at unloaded points and reduced and wrapped the left flange of the Mag 150 with carbon. Hand made in the Black Forest. The result: We saved 14 gram compared to the Mag 170. You can strain the straight spokes especially tight. The wheel is therefore more stiff and stronger as with a normal flange. This is the reason why we release the Mag 150 for every biker weight.
The MAG 150 allows unrestricted application at lowest weight. A perfect symbiosis of aluminium and carbon. The complex manual lamination of the carbon flange does not economise only the weight but also does increase the tenacity of the flange. The 2011 version convinces with stability. Its new 17mm axle and the closer flanges do increase again the stiffness!
Unique construction: through adjustable play no bearing deadlock even at hardest lacing. The bigger flange (high/low flange) on the freewheel side allows sloped spokes and therefore a symmetric wheel.
The MAG 150 is 4 fold beared, 8 fold sealed. Free choice of freewheel profile for Campagnolo, SRAM or Shiman! Despite of the sensational low weight of only 164g there is no restriction of application.
Tune uses special Bearings

We use normed bearings.

The only fact is, our bearings have two main differences:

  1. Our bearings have a higher fat filling grade. Normal is 30% ours have 50%, this not only allows a longer lifetime but also a better sealing.


  1. Standard bearings have a certain play from production on. Tune bearings have the play specially set for the use.

One single Tune bearing is not normed - the bearing in the free-wheel body on the left. It is constructed to withstand high forces and last extra long.

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