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incl C1.12, forged cranks, shifter

€2.602,48 excl. BTW
Artikelnummer: VAMPM2851
EAN: 870000047101
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The VAMOS models are designed to conquer the most remote areas. 
Go on adventurous trips all around the world and the Dutch round around the church.
Need for maintenance is kept to a minimum, the Pinion gearbox only needs service once a year or every 10.000 km. The Gates belt drive system lasts way longer than any chain system. Pilot VAMOS is ready for luggage and sophisticated lighting. The frame is build to last a lifetime and many adventures.

How many is entirely up to you and the unknown paths, vamos!

Frame specs:
Aerospace grade 5 and grade 9 db titanium 
142 x 12 thru axle CNC sliding drop outs 
ZS44 head tube
Tire size max 55mm
Hydro formed tubing
Pinion bracket
Hand-brushed finish

Complete fiets vanaf: €5.599
Frame only inclusief Pinion C1.12 gearbox, cranks en shifter: €3.549
Custom size frame: + €250
Full Tailor made frame: + €500

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