EP-4 (12V E-bike)
EP-4 (12V E-bike)
EP-4 (12V E-bike)
EP-4 (12V E-bike)

Shutter Precision EP-4 (12V E-bike)

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EP-4, the SP’s first headlight for E-bikes presents progressive lighting craft in bicycle industry by free form optical technology. Its performance is more than you expect. It performs with daily lighting, low beam with clear cut-off line, and wide beam

€198,30 excl. BTW
Artikelcode: AC73SPEP4000BL
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Weight(g) 83
Dimension(L) x (W) x (H)mm 50 x 45 x 42
Operation voltage 12V DC
Product type E-bikes
Mode 6+1


Mode  Light performance Power comsumption Power comsumption(Add Mode 7/ high beam) Brightness Brightness(Add Mode 7/ high beam)
Mode 1 Low beam (low) 2W 8W 290lm 990lm
Mode 2 Low beam (medium) 3W 9W 390lm 1090lm
Mode 3 Low beam (high) 4W 10W 510lm 1210lm
Mode 4 Low beam (high) + Wide beam (low) 8W 14W 1090lm 1790lm
Mode 5 Low beam (high) + Wide beam (medium) 10W 16W 1290lm 1990lm
Mode 6 Low beam (high) + Wide beam (high) 12W 18W 1530lm 2230lm
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