shutter Precision PL-8
shutter Precision PL-8
shutter Precision PL-8

shutter Precision shutter Precision PL-8

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QR centerlock naafdynamo

€106,61 excl. BTW
Artikelcode: PL-8-QR-01
EAN: 491234512345
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The SP 8-series hub dynamo incorporates the best technical advancements and seeks to attain perfection in field of hub dynamos. Painstaking innovation has made an optimal hub dynamo reality. The SP-8’s technological advances are well hidden under it durable shell. 
The intelligent light weight design was tempered throughout with painstaking attention to structural performance. The smooth oval shape of the hub was optimised for balance, while attaining an unprecedented weight only 360g.
SP 8 series - Small, but Powerful
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